Coco Planete

Coco Poles

Coco poles are made out of specially treated coconut fiber that is rolled into poles for the support of vines, shrubs and any other plants that need a support to give them protection while they are growing. Coco poles are widely used in plant nurseries and horticulture farms. As well, they are ideal for supporting plants such as creepers or ornamental plants that are growing inside your home as dcor on patios or in the garden.


Coco Pole- Advantages : Coco poles gives ideal support to plants while creating a perfect moist environment for its roots. Coir Poles, being porous with higher water holding capacity help the plant to develop many tiny roots throughout surface.

Specification :

  • Standard height - 30 cm to 180cm
  • Diameter of Poles - From 20mm to 50mm

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