Coco Planete

Coir Fiber

Coir is a natural fibre extracted from the husk of coconut and used in products such as floor mats, doormats, brushes, mattresses, etc. Coir is the fibrous material found between the hard, internal shell and the outer coat of a coconut. Uses of coir fiber is countless! Coir has good resistance to microbial action and salt water damage and needs no chemical treatment. Coir is a material which is widely used to overcome the problem of erosion. When woven into geotextiles and placed on areas in need of erosion control it promotes new vegetation by absorbing water and preventing top soil from drying out.


Coir Fiber Advantages : Coir fiber has the highest concentrations of lignin, a natural polymer. therefore most suitable for applications such as geotextiles, where slow biodegradability is required. Coir fiber is used in a wide range of applications such as floor coverings/carpets, door mats, furniture padding and as filling for mattresses. Traditionally also in brushes, ropes and twines. Due to its resilience and high elongation properties coir fiber and natural latex are combined, as biobased composite, to be used in automobile seat production. None woven rubberized coir sheets are used as insulation and as packaging material.


Color Coir Fiber-Brown Coir Fiber-Yellow
Moisture Up to 5% Up to 5%
Impurity < 3% < 7 to 9%
Length 5cm to 25cm 5cm to 25cm
Load ability 20 tons in 40 feet HC Container 20 tons in 40 feet HC Container
Bale weight 115kg to 125kg 115kg to 125kg
Packing Plastic straps Plastic straps

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