Coco Planete

Coir Logs

A Coir Log is made from 100% coir fibre bound by coir fibre netting which is biodegradable. Coir Logs are ideal for constructing check structures, managing changes in stream flow velocity, shaping channels and stabilising shorelines. Standard design of the coir log features a strong, coir twine outer netting that surrounds a mixture of mattress coconut coir. Logs are designed with a typical lifespan of anywhere from 2 to 5 years.


Advantages : Coir logs can be very easily installed and needs very little to no maintenance until it eventually blends in to the natural environment. Coir Logs are very versatile and fast becoming a preferred method of erosion control. Coir logs are easy to install, light-weight and need only a small number of tools to install.


Diameter 10 cm to 25 cm
Length 3 meter to 6 meter
Weight 30 kg to 40 kg

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