Coco Planete

Coir Yarn

Coir Yarn is widely demanded by innumerable industries, owing to its attributes like optimum quality and natural properties. Used for making varied different coir products, that is made out of the fiber extracted from coconut husk. Spun with traditional ratts and fully automatic spinning machines.


Qualities : Coir yarn is of different qualities/grades based on the quality of fiber used,nature of the twist and the presence of impurities. Products made from good quality coir absorb water without weakening the fiber. It is the only natural fiber that resists damage by saltwater. It is 100% natural,biodegradable and derived from world best grade of coconut fiber. It has excellent elasticity properties. It is naturally resistant to insect infestation. These are used for various works such as making coir mattress,rubberized coir pads,coir cushions,carpet under lays,seat cushions and for insulating drainage pipes.


Color Brown or Golden Color (Natural), we can apply any color by method of artificial
Method Of Twisting Lose, Medium and hard twisting
Twisting Machine Twist or Hand Twist
Twist per Feet 15 to 30 nos
Yarn Runnage 90 to 260 (Per kgs of yarn convert to meters)
Dia of Rope 3.5 mm to 15 mm
Packing Method Bobbin packing (Round Shape)
Load ability 18 to 20 tones (40 feet container)
Quality Inspection Geo Chem or Coir Board or SGS or R&D Lab Certificate provide as per Customers requirement

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